Kill Your Idols is a book publishing company and cultural creative outlet formed in 1999 with the production and release of Fucked Up + Photocopied (2000 Firecracker Award Winner). Metro: Photographic Elevations of Selected Paris Metro Stations, Shepard Fairy: Post No Bills, Punk Is Dead Punk Is Everything, 101 Essential Rock LP’s from the Beatles to the Sex Pistols, Sage Vaughn’s Message are among the books that followed. It All Dies Anyway: LA, Jabberjaw and the End Of An Era, 101 Essential Punk LP’s and Estivan Oriol’s Lowrider are among other titles in production. KYI art exhibitions and gallery shows have displayed worldwide with brand support form Converse, Ray Ban, Hysteric Glamour, Levis and more.

Fucked Up and Photocopied
Fucked Up + Photocopied is a collection of frenetic flyers produced for the American punk scene between 1977 and 1985. Many were created by the musicians themselves and demonstrate the emphasis within the punk scene on individuality and the manic urge of its members to create things new. The book has won many awards, and is now in its 12th pressing.
Punk Is Dead, Punk Is Everything
The follow-up to the highly influential bestselling book Fucked Up + Photocopied – Instant Art of the Punk Rock Movement. Punk is Dead exposes the lasting impact of Punk on visual culture worldwide. Hundreds of flyers, photos, set lists, vintage fashions and other ephemera, including interviews with Ian Mackaye, one of the most respected voices of the DIY music underground, and Malcolm McLaren, likely the most impactful promoter of the early punk movement.
101 Essential Rock Records
The book is a tribute to the vinyl album and celebrates 101 of rock’s most influential records — from The Beatles’ 1963 debut Please Please Me — through the Sex Pistols’ Never Mind the Bollocks (1977). It also includes interviews with musicians who discuss the albums and artists who changed their lives. Also, there is a pictorial explorations of Jimi Hendrix’s personal record collection, and a survey of censored album covers from throughout the rock era.