Teenage Teardrops is a record and project company started in 2007. Focused mainly on the Los Angeles underground community, the TT discography is nearing 50 releases.


John Wiese - GGA LP
Limited to 330 copies on clear vinyl with insert! Two side-long tracks of dynamically diffused smashing, shattering and crashing sounds, mixed in stereo from John Wiese's four-channel installation in Los Angeles. Cover photographs by Cali Thornhill Dewitt.
Blasting Voice 2xLP - Various Artists
Double album documenting underground internet producers and artists. Complied by Total Freedom.
Lucky Dragons - Open Power 12"
Another outstanding LP from Los Angeles duo Lucky Dragons, whose music seems forever cursed with being compared to Animal Collective, but you might equally align them with the likes of High Places or El Guincho in their rhythmically adventurous sample-hopping ways. Expect a cornucopia of looped hand percussion sequences and the kind of exotic resonances redolent of obscure South Pacific islands with instruments you could well imagine being played by an orchestra of cheery parakeets. Open Power holds a delightful blend of tropical sounds and electronically shaped melody, and it probably stands as Lucky Dragons most cogent, musically rewarding release to date. Most deserving of your investigation.